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Hey Fellas,

Need your help yet again.

Just ordered some new Cooper Discoveries 285/75/r16 at a killer price
(FYI there is a coupon code for $200 off $1000 on ebay)

I am trying to find new 16x8 Rims to mount with the tires and am trying to find the best backspacing and off-set.

I was hoping maybe some of you can post some pictures of your tire/wheel set-ups and include the backspacing and off-set you have.

I am trying to find a good deal on some wheels and came across Pro-Comp (#1069-6865) and they have 4 inch BS with -11 offset. Not sure how these would look but it be a great help if you guys can share with me what you have along with some photos.

I was also wondering if anybody painted the wheel wells after you cur and trim the fenders for a cleaner look and if you did how did you do it?

Finally have everything for my build! Took almost a month to get the 02 sensor for the upstream bc I had to specially order it.

Thanks Guys,

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Hello, I ran 16" Chrysler LHS wheels for years on 285's. they were unique on the trail and I really like the looked. I moved to 15" then 17" wheels. 16" is an oddball size anymore and tires in that size are getting more rare. the wheels were 7.5" wide and I usually aired down to about 18 psi on the trail. I only had 1 pop off the bead and it was when I was leaning over and buried in a mud hole.
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