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Just like it says we are planning to hit either Lake Pillsbury, CA or Cow Mountain, CA. It was going to be put on by 4 Wheel Parts with a raffle and a BBQ but due to Truck Fest its being postponed. We (me and the guys from work) are still going wheelin.

We are inviting a couple local 4x4 clubs and thought it may be a nice time to get to know some CT members.

Its probably going to be a day trip so bring food, drinks, a rig to wheel and have a good time.

We are planning the wheeling trip for Sunday Feb 21. I will keep you posted on place and time. Please PM if you are interested.

You will should have some or all of the following:
-CB or 2 way radio
-Recovery gear such as Hi lift, tow straps, etc.
-Tow/recovery points like tow hooks, D rings bumper etc
-Emergency pack/first aid fire extinguisher.
-A good set of tires helps.

Cow Mtn.
Cow Mountain Recreation Area - Ukiah - Reviews of Cow Mountain Recreation Area - TripAdvisor

lake pillsbury ohv - Google Maps
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