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which truck will you build?

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so this is not about cherokees.....this is not about if i had extra bucks i will get a "toyota,samurai" or w.e..because thats something we could talking about crazy here....

this is what i will love to build if i had the money,time,fab skills...

NOTE: IT HAS TO BE something you will never see in a trail..

here is my idea

dual solid axles 60/14
coil overs
inner cage
42s tsls
supercharger on top of that engine (yummy)
20 inch to keep it dub...
front and rear winch
front road armor bumper
tvs and all the audio to keep it dub...
and then take it wheeling... :thumbsup:
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Personally I wouldnt put money into another truck, with prices of gas and my lack of need for another truck its just not realistic for me. I would build a car through :thumbsup:
Just to throw this out there I would never build a Lincoln.
so you can always build a honda crx rock crawler.. LOL or like Finney.. a Pinto...:rofl:
:rofl: Sorry I leave the trucks for the offroad and cars for onroad.
I would love to have and build the new Hummer H3T love it...
Hummers are ugly IMO.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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