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Will this work?

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So the guy I live with is convinced that all that is wrong with my xj is a fuel pressure issue. He says I can test my fuel pressure using my voltmeter and I don't need to go out a buy a fuel pressure gauge.
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Im thinkin you should not hang around this guy too much. I look at our world today and stupid looks like it can spread. lol. Here is what I would try first. Sounds weird but it will relive alot. With the jeep running. Pull one spark wire at a time and put it back in and go to the next. If nothing changes you have eliminated alot of problems. If they way it runs does not change when pulling a wire. You either have a rod not moving or a piston or bad plug wire or plug. Would also eliminate if you have a bad dist or coil. This will change alot. and will really narrow your problem down.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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