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Hello, ive got an 01 wj, two inch lift with 245/75/16, 175xxx miles, 4.7 liter withthe quadradrive 2. Just did the lift bout 3,000 miles ago, since then, ive had a couple problems. Four wheel drive stopped working, which was my t-case. Shortly after that, while changing my oil i noticed my front drivers side cv boot was cracked. I ordered the part and waited for the weather to warm up, until i started hearing the sounds it was making. So the next day i started taking it apart to find out it was totally torn apart. The spline entering the diff didnt appear to be damaged. I took the new shaft stuck it in bolted everything back up.

Everything was fine for several days, then while making a left turn, i lost traction, the front started to grab, then i heard a clunk, followed by grinding. Grinding only when losing traction. I took my work apart, again, only to see that the spline of the new shaft (the spline) had been grinded down a little less than a 1/4 of an inch.

Was i supposed to press the axle shaft into the bearung hub? It seems that the amount of space between the hub and the ABS Tone ring, is about the same that was grinded off. With all this being said, i am taking the diff apart tomorrow, or in the next few days to inspect the damage to the diff. Any info is mucho appreciato
Your transfer case is a quadro yaht means there is a clutch in side called a Gear rotor
It need to be changed thes slipping
Easy fix .
Yes you have a quadro drive
Quad dro. Hydro.lock system
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