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My 2000 WJ (Limited, V8, automatic, 2WD) was running fine for the first 700 miles of the trip, then suddenly began to run very rough and then kept dying if I didn't keep the rpm way up.

I pulled over, flipped the key 3 times and got the following codes:

p0201, p0202, p0203, p0204, p0207, p0208 (Injector or wiring to injector on cylinders 1-4, 7 and 8);

p0303, p0307 (cylinders 3 and 7 misfiring)

p0121 (TPS / throttle position sensor)

p1685 (SKIM (Smart Key Immobilizer Module) invalid key)

What could possibly make this happen?

The only previous problem I'd experienced related to any of this, was an occasional p0307 that would pop up for a while, then go away again for a while, and an occasional slight surging of RPM when sitting in idle.
Fuel pump
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