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Currently on the stock Limited's. I want to get my baby some new shoes and wheels.

How small of a diameter rim can I go on the WK2's without compromising the brakes and what not? I would ideally like to go down to 15" because I love a large sidewall.

As for the tires, thinking of Mickey Thompson Baja A/T's 33", Hyper Venom Pro Terra X/T's 33", or the good ol' BF K02's @ 33"

I am getting a 2.5" lift kit for the whole vehicle but I would ideally like to do the lift and wheels/tires at the same time for alignment purposes.

Please, I need everyone's insight! I want to pull the trigger on this ASAP but the width of the tires is throwing me off and Im pretty set on 33" height for the tire (also I would love to go as low as I can go on the wheel diameter).

THANK YOU (y)<3 Stay safe everyone and I appreciate all the feedback. @cdoodles instagram
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