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write something about the user above you

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ok guys lets see how much we know each other and also lets get to know each other better,, the game is to write something you know about the user that posted above you, :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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likes getting people together in one place
lives in canada
has a blue xj....:p

(has some good jokes)
likes toyotas too :thumbsup:
knows a lot of spanish
is holding a fish in his picture
still holding a fish in his hands....:rofl:
is selling his cherokee to get another cherokee
has a truck i will love to DD
knows more about the user on top of him than me..
had a crazy cuban girl after him...^^
haha thanks i wanted to remember....

was thinking on buying a toyota!
he is onto our jelously of his fish...
if he dares to ride his pinto over whoever...i will take my jeep over his jeep and pinto
thinks he knows what a pinto is...i sure dont know what the heck it is..
1 - 14 of 2032 Posts
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