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WTB 95/96 XJ gray leather pieces

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I'm looking for the above years OEM driver's side leather seat cover pieces, gray for my 96 XJ. Looking for reasonably good condition if possible. I only need the upholstery covers not the cushions or frames. I might, in a pinch if a nice passenger side set is available look at that. They are usually in better condition than the driver's side. Thanks.
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I realize the passenger side will probably be the best for finding a seat bottom that is in reasonably good condition. There are reasons why it would be better if I could find a driver's side seat because of the carpet skirt and the seat control switch panel. But, while I'm at it I might as well try to get the upper seat leather as well. I got a complete leather interior for free and the only really bad part is the driver's butt seat cover. I could get it repaired for $400 but I'd like to try to avoid that if possible.
Yes I know. I found one in a Jeep specific yard in Ohio but the mgmt won't remove and ship. If someone lives near Salem Ohio I'll pay to have someone do the pull and ship. He only wants $45 for the entire seat. Frame, cushions, everything but all I need is the leather.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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