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XJ Camper Build

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I am really not sure if this would be the right place to start this (the mods can move it if nec.), but here we go. I am finally going to start on my camper. I have posted my concept drawing in other threads, but I will post it here too. I ordered these from E-trailer and will be getting all the stuff I'll need from them also as I go. I also bought a 2,800 lb. trailer axle w/e-brakes from someone on C.L. for $30 a while back. I should be able get started on it this weekend. I will try to take as many pics. as possible.


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I need one just for a trailer to move all my crap outta my apartment. Then turn it into a camper....

Too late now. Ill be following this, looks like fun.
Nice, gotta get working on my camping trailer project....
Thats pretty awesome. Mine wont be that extreme but it'll do the job
Thats what im going to do, get a RTT for my trailer build
Well you sure do have a heck of a plan. I like where you are going with this.

So from the ground up, you have a trailer frame, then 1/8" sheet steel, then plywood, then a mattress?
You still have to shorten it? Hell Id leave it where its at now. Just a bit more space.
Hmmm. Ok, so basically you are gonna cut off the windshield? Or are you gonna take a chunk outta the middle?
Oh, I figured youed just keep the windshield to let light in when you want, and make a shade/shutter when you dont.
This is coming along really well. Im starting to hate you out of jealousy as Im attempting to weld in my floorboards and sucking at it. Your sheetmetal bonding/welding skills are much better than mine.
My surface is clean, Im struggling with a shitty welder, and a lack of skills, which isn't being helped by my lack of a really nice ground.
No idea on wire size, and without wanting to hijack the good man's build thread, Im pretty much doing the suggested, but I do think i need a grounding solution. I have clean spots nearby, but getting a grounding clamp on a flat surface is tricky. I look into it a little more creatively tomorrow. Thanks fellas.
yup, gas is good, and the thin stuff sucks. Id rather pour every ounce of energy and heat this little welder has into a 1/2" plate then attempt to get it powered down to sheetmetal. But here i am. Welder powered down and sticking sheet together.
Sorry, your pics weren't there when I posted. My bad.
Guess Im too fast for you!
How? Do you need to pop out the metal bushing and then remove some of the height of the center (leaving more of a raised outer donut) and cut down the bushing and replace?
Thats a lot of body mounts...dang.
Last night I ordered the POR-15 for the frame.
Dont forget the Topcoat.
That should be plenty. Just be sure to keep it sealed. Helpful tip I read somewhere said to dump what you don't use in an open can into a mason jar, that way you can get the lid back off later and it won't be welded shut by the POR15.

Also, a solvent float for long term storage is supposed to work.
1 - 20 of 264 Posts
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