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XJ Camper Build

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I am really not sure if this would be the right place to start this (the mods can move it if nec.), but here we go. I am finally going to start on my camper. I have posted my concept drawing in other threads, but I will post it here too. I ordered these from E-trailer and will be getting all the stuff I'll need from them also as I go. I also bought a 2,800 lb. trailer axle w/e-brakes from someone on C.L. for $30 a while back. I should be able get started on it this weekend. I will try to take as many pics. as possible.


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I see you got the power figured out to your garage. Love the build man! Can't wait to see the finished product.
It’s coming right along man. Can’t wait till it’s all finished.

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Wow, looking great. Very solid for sure. My only question is why the spare is so high up? Wouldn't it be better to lower it? Looks like it would have to move to the right to clear the jerry cans too. But not lifting the spare that high up when you need it, and lowering the center of gravity a little would be enough for me to mount it lower.

If you don’t mount the tire high like that, it kills your approach angle on obstacles. A lot of guys move the tire behind the drivers side so they have a better view out the passenger side.
Yes, but with it being a trailer, Im figuring the departure angle is less of a priority.

My bad, I thought that was on the back of his rig lol.
Does Colorado use fullsize license plates for trailers? Ohio did, but Iowa doesn't, so I had to adapt a new bracket to avoid drilling more holes in my trailer. Iowa has the mini-plates and its ridiculous.

Yes, they are full size
1 - 9 of 264 Posts
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