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XJ runs too cold

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Hello all,
So I decided to build a cold air intake and deleted the factory air filter box. Created a lot of air flow in engine bay. XJ ran a little cooler through the summer...great! No vapor lock or overheat issues. Wonderful.
Now it's Fall and the temps have dropped down in the 30's, Jeep doesn't get to a good operating temp even after 24 miles or sitting for 15 minutes at idle. Luke warm air from heater.
All systems are in good condition and operating like they should. The problem is there is just too much air flowing over engine to allow it to reach operating temps.
So my question is, does anyone know of a product that's easy to install/remove to block air flow over radiator that doesn't look like a crappy piece of cardboard stuffed in front of radiator (which I've done). Would like something that looks better and serves same purpose.
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Ok, what year? what engine? and do you have factory fans?
2000 with 4.0 6 cyl and has both mech fan and elec fan from factory.
My first question is how cold is your cold temp?
Prior to opening up the engine bay (allowing more air flow), the jeep would run at 200 to 210
Now it's running in the 150 range, maybe 160 if I am in town, stop and go traffic.
Stuck a piece of rubber mat (covered about 3/4 of the rad) in front of the radiator yesterday. This morning outside temp was 32 F
With the wind block in place it ran about 170*
My biggest concern is wear on the engine/carbon buildup.
Sounds like yoiur thermostat may be stuck open. I suggest replacing it with a 195° stat
It's got a new stat.
Out of curiosity, I put the stock air filter box back in. Stuck some rubber mat over front of radiator and between the two it has it running around 185 ish. Getting warm air from heat/defrost but not hot air.
After market front bumper has some holes that I'm going to cover and try to cut more air flow.
Thanks for the responses.
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