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XJSuperman's 2001 XJ

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Well, I have been sucked in. I never thought I was gonna be this active here since joining a week or so back. I just wanted to read, and look at parts, then I wanted to talk, then I wanted to show off a couple parts, then I learned some stuff, and then I met some cool people, and now I am posting a build thread that I was never going to. I like it here, unfortunately lol.:brickwall: :rolleyes: Thanks everyone.

In the middle of this last summer I bought my 2001 XJ Sport. It was stock, but had the brushguard, KC lights, and potential, so I picked it up for a steal from a family friend.

A little background: My father is an ASE cert mechanic and has been for a long time. Everything from small engines to heavy equipment. Automotive is the big one though.

Specs as bought:
Dana 30frnt 3.55:1
Dana 35rear ------
Worn out BFG AT/KO tires size ....I can't remember (over stock though).

Immediately we changed the oil over to NAPA synthetic, checked all fluids, began tire shopping, as the BFGs were almost gone, and all were different.
I ran my buddy's CB radio setup for most of the summer, as I bought mine and gathered parts. It was a Uniden with a magnet mount antenna.
Not long after purchase, I got a set of Thule roof bars for it from the PO. Sweet! I love them, but I have since found a basket instead. The roof bars can be sold if anyone is interested.

I got a set of GoodYear Duratrac 235/75/R15 tires about a day before I left for college, a 12hr drive. That was a break-in let me tell you. They rode great and still do.

Before the end of the summer, when I had to go back to college in Iowa, I had:
-roof bars
-roof mounted Cobra CB sys
-Ammo can toolbox
-new oil
-new tires
-maybe something else Im forgetting...oh right, I put on a whole new stock exhasut system, brand new.


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I said goodbye to my 1998 Ford Ranger 2wd 5speed a couple weeks after getting the Jeep we named "Indian Outlaw", also my CB handle until I got the Superman nickname...I know, I know, who cares? I had a lot of fun in that Ranger. She taught me control, speed, drifting, getting stuck, and how to drive a manual. I would take another back in the future sometime.

So here are pics of some fun mudding we did in the summer. And other random pics.


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I forgot to mention way too much money was dropped into it to have rust fixed (there wasn't much) and painted, rock-guarded, and cleared. The door bottoms, rockers, and two spots on my trunk were going...

Then there are some pics of the mods I have done since....and some pics in-between.
Last pic: roadtrip to Iowa for the John Deere Two Cylinder Expo in July

On the CAI: its an aFe Stage II kit that I got on Amazon with a bunch of gift cards. Without them, I would not have bought it, and would not buy one again unless it fell into my lap. Its a great kit, and works well, but its not necessary, and not worth 200+ bucks. Has anyone with this kit had hood rubbing issues?


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I got the same CAI on my prerunner. Let me ask you a quick question. Does the tube make contact with the hood or is mine doing that because I have a TBS on it. Clean looking ride though.
I picked up a Rustys 2" BB lift kit from a fellow Jeeper here in Iowa not long into the fall semester. I am still planning on installing at least part of it, but I am not sure completely on what. (More on this to come.)

The last two are what we did on a Friday night...don't tell my apartment company...
We had people walking by asking us why and for what, and just laughing about it. It was fun.


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I got the same CAI on my prerunner. Let me ask you a quick question. Does the tube make contact with the hood or is mine doing that because I have a TBS on it. Clean looking ride though.
Yep, my tube is making contact with the hood. I can't figure out why or how to eliminate that. I have sanded down the tube in 2 spots, and put a sticky pad on it to go inbetween, but the heat is messing up the pad, and now I need to come up with a new plan.
Okay, glad I'm not the only one with that problem then. I think I'm going to do the cowl snorkel upgrade anyways in the prerunner
Alright, lets see. What else...

The next era of this saga is me going to and from home in it several times for school breaks and such. Plenty of fun was had, and here are the pics...


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I just realized my story-telling abilities are terrible. I missed not one but 2 very important parts of this tale.
1) My august trip to MN for Rollag. and the pics I took up there. Its beautiful.
2) The September Iowa Jeep Show in Nevada, IA. Its worth attending, and the folks are great. I will help you find a place to stay if need be. Its just good old family friendly fun. 2-day event.
MN pics:


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And mounts were made recently, after getting back to school from break.
This is my thread on them:
This is one of those threads where "a picture is worth a thousand words" and I will probably post more pics than writeups. I love taking pics of the Jeep, or others for that matter.
Here are some fun, edited pics. There are more I will add later.


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And while Im at it tonight, here it is currently, as of today. Tomorrow it'll be cleaner...


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So now we're all up to date.
Here are my future plans:

-Rusty's 3" TJ coils (=2" XJ lift)
-Rusty's 1.5" shackles
-Shocks? I really don't know much about this yet...will I need them? Rustys will probably be my source.

Injectors- I have a set of 784s coming from a member here. (thank you)

Misc small stuff:
-Lock for the hi-lift jack
-windshield decal application
-"Life's short Jeep naked" sticker app
-Steel Soldiers sticker application
-auxiliary switch panel...I have a thread on this here:
-mudflaps? thoughts on this? I kinda want to block off mud from being thrown into the rear bumper...
-I would like to get a limited slip for the rear...thats gonna be awhile money for that one...

I have some random stuff I am trying to sell local if anyone is intersted...just throwin it out there.
sub box with smaller speakers also, 100W FedSig PA speaker, refiinished but operating condition unknown.

I am tenatively looking for a lightbar of sorts for my roof. I want either a full width solid amber warning lightbar (preferrably with take-downs and alley work lights) or a standard 4 or 5 lights on a bar. Good ones, like the kind I can't afford lol.
But a warning lightbar is different, and would add a ton of character, plus it will hook right into my "trouble box"....sorry, classified info for the time being.
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Nice looking jeep!
Why thank you! Its a cheap (relatively speacking) ongoing project. But I love it.
Same with mine lol
Why Rusty's?
Cheap. I would go with something else if I could get them for $100 like Rustys has. Simple as that. Im a broke college student who likes quality. Rustys seems pretty good to me. I have heard good things about them, and they are a name brand.
How about Iron Rock?
Haven't heard of them...let me google it...
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