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You left the cat door unlocked ...

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... so I came in. I helped myself to your bacon and cheese, hope ya don't mind.

Cherokees is it? Well, I have a work in progress that up until this year has served me very well. 89 XJ with about 5" (ish) lift, Warn winch, lights etc. I've done some basic mods like manual fan switch, hood vents, and rewired some dead circuits.

This year I came close to blowing it up as everything I have not rebuilt is now failing faster than I can wheel it. But I have decided to hand down a reprieve and keep fixing it. I have thousands $$ into it and countless hours of wrenching and I just can't quit now :rolleyes:

So, this winter he'll get a Ford 8.8 rear, new D30, rebuilt t-case, rebuilt tranny, and the winch needs the same treatment. And maybe some armour.

Anyway, name's Lorne and a few of the BC guys know me or know of me (waaaazzzuuuupp). I'll post up a few pics when my web host settles down (server gremlins baaad).

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Hello lornix. Welcome to CT.
Welcome lornix!

It would be a huge help if you told your buddies about this place so we can start generating some decent traffic. Though for our third day we arent doing bad at all.

Welcome to the forum again and I look forward to seeing you around.
Welcome to CT from COS!!
Thanks for the welcome guys. Here's a pic of the junk ..

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I love Renix Jeeps thanks for coming to CT.
Very nice looking jeep you have there.
HEY!!...don't I know you from somewhere??????

Ha ha ha ... it's like bumping into someone you know in a foreign land :D
Watch out...I know this goomba!!!

Us Canadians are taking over! Muhahahahahaha......................
Thanks guys ... I like this forum so far, lotsa potential!

LOL Canadian Goomba :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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