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Hello! I'm Amanda. I'm brand new to the group and relatively brand new to owning a ZJ (1.5 yrs). My husband Dusty is the real ZJ enthusiast (his is a 5.2 V8)! Recently I decided to try and create some content for YouTube revolving around my husband teaching me the ropes of DIY car repairs and our excursions to the local junkyards. It's been a lot of fun filming our progress with things and being able to interact with others that share the same passion. We are on the Kansas side of Kansas City and are looking to include others in our adventures. If you need help finding a part, we make several trips to local junkyards all year round. In some of our videos you can see some of our junkyard finds and we do our best to show installation of said parts for those that need help with instruction. My husband is pretty patient with me and good at explaining things. I wanted to invite you all to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you yourself have a ZJ centered YouTube, by all means share it so we can subscribe to your's! We spend most of our evenings watching ZJ related content in preparation for an upcoming off-roading adventure. Here's the link and thanks in advance for following along!
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Hello and welcome to the sickness. Nice job on the video, and the install. kudos to the proper use of De Feet! :cool: Liked and subscribed.
Always glad to see another ZJ on the forum. Welcome from Colorado!

I've got a couple of ZJ related videos on youtube, but I'm not really a creator. It is just a collection of some overlanding videos out and about around here.

I've had mine for about 17 years and have probably been through what your dealing with, so if you ever get stuck: just shoot me a message. I'm always glad to help if I can.

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